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Stones never looked so beautiful

Sometimes I wonder where did that stone come from? Over the years I have made stone art and jewelry from our findings, and it amazes me how the stone was created and where it came from.

How do these Gemstones Form? Most gemstones form in the Earth’s crust, approximately 3 to 25 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. Peridot and Diamonds are found much deeper in the Earth. Diamond forms in “kimberlite pipes” that originate in the Earth’s mantle around 125 miles deep and end at the surface through time and natural occurrence like volcanic eruptions. There are three main types of Stone. Sedimentary, Sandstone and Fossilstone.

SEDIMENTARY stone came from organic elements such as glaciers, rivers, wind, oceans, and plants. Tiny sedimentary pieces broke off from these elements and accumulated to form rock beds. They were bonded through millions of years of heat and pressure.SANDSTONE: Is a very durable formation of quartz grains (sand). Usually formed in light brown or red colors. Categorized by the most popular sandstone bonding agents such as silica, calcium, clay, and iron oxide. FOSSILSTONE: Considered a limestone that contains natural fossils such as sea shells and plants and even animals and fish.

When I’m cutting or polishing a raw stone and transforming it into a piece of jewelry I often think about how old it is? How did I actually find this? Or is it real? Now days you never know.

The jewelry industry and its modern technology have produced what we now call Lab Created gemstones. These Lab created pieces are so close to the real stone that with the naked eye you can hardly tell the difference.

Lab-created stones have the same properties as natural gemstones and only differ in how they are made. Many people shopping for engagement rings may opt for a man-made gemstone, like a lab-created diamond, as a more affordable option, since these stone have the same properties. Time is priceless and it takes about 12 months to grow a crystal on average. But like oil, gems can take what seams like forever in geologic time to form. Radioactive-decay dating of microscopic inclusions in diamonds has found these gems to be 970 million to 3.2 billion years old. Now that is old.

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